Keysborough Equestrian Club



KEC registered club colours are royal blue,Navy and white and are required to be worn at official events. KEC colours are to be worn on the member’s upper body with KEC name or logo on the upper body garment and/or on the saddle blanket. The saddle blanket may be royal blue or white.



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Members are required to wear the KEC uniform at rallies. This is important so that staff and residents can identify members. Our uniform is a short-sleeve or long-sleeve polo with KEC name and logo. These are available for purchase at rallies or contact Uniform sales via [email protected] KEC royal blue saddle-cloth with KEC logo is optional but preferred. Colour of jodhpurs/breeches is optional.



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For showing members may wear a vest. The vest is to be royal blue with KEC name and/or logo embroidered (if not displayed on saddle-cloth).  

white  shirt or skivvy may be worn under a vest. Rat-catcher shirts in club colours are permitted. HRCAV does not permit hacking or riding jackets at official events. At official events the competitor number is to be displayed on both sides of the horse on bridle or saddle-cloth (except in showing). 


Dressage Competitions

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For Dressage Competitions riders may wear a vest, polo shirt or a rat-catcher shirt in club colours with white stock tie if they wish. The HRCAV requirement to display the club name or logo in one place.


Horse Trials

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At horse trials, members must wear numbers on the front and back for the cross-country phase. Medical armbands are compulsory for all jumping events.  Armbands are worn on the member’s upper arm on top of clothing. 

If you would like to add a vest,  jacket , rat-catcher or another uniform item, links to suppliers who have  items suitable for competition are on the next page.   All uniform items must be in KEC colours which are royal blue and white.


Please email [email protected] to order

Long sleeve polo $40
Short sleeve polo $35
Caps $15
Quilted saddlecloth $63.00
Softshell jacket front logo $95.00
Softshell jacket front & back logo $105



Due to the voluntary nature of our club, please allow 48 hrs.